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Hi! My name is Nelson, I live in London, UK with my wife Karla. In August 2012 I was diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic at the age of 37!. We quickly realised that my life was going to be challenging as I knew what diabetes was as it runs in my family. I was scared about the consequences. I was feeling angry and frustrated with myself as I didn’t take responsibility for my own health. Karla was feeling distraught, up all night crying, thinking that I may not be there the next day, that my life was now shortened due to this condition. We were both confused without knowing what to do, where to go, how we could make my health better, our worries go away. In an act of courage and determination, we decided that we needed to do something to change our lives for good….


Coming soon! Our 30 day Diabetes Reversal Kick Start Challenge!

Our Diabetes Reversal Kick Start (DRS) is inspired by the DRS in Formula 1 cars: IT WILL HELP YOU build health habits to start reversing your type 2 diabetes FAST!

The key benefits of this challenge for you are:

  1. Allow you to incorporate new healthy habits focused on the 5 e-quilivrium principles and adopt them incrementally week by week
  2. Implement a consistent measuring system so you can monitor and manage your metrics regularly (weight, waist, arms, legs, etc)
  3. Start you off on a eating program that is focused nutritional density and fat burning
  4. Start you off on an exercise program offering realistic choices for your circumstances (lack of time, lack of equipment, travel, etc)

Start to see results early, build momentum and feeling more energetic, sleeping better, feeling more focused, feeling more relaxed and healthier! Taking a before and after picture that you can see a difference!

Please register your interest by clicking the button below and get notified once the program is launched.

The Diabetes Reversal Coaching Programme

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